Hard Hats with Company Logo

Hard hats with company logoTexas Safety Supply is a leading provider of Hard Hats with company logo. TSS does thousands of logo'd hard hats, every day, every month and every year. We know how the process works and can guide you through quickly and efficiently. A hard hat with a logo adds some class and distinction to your employees. Hard hats look great when done professionally and done right. MSA Hard Hats with Company Logo is a great choice.


Ordering a Hard Hat with Company Logo

Texas Safety Supply can guide you through the process of purchasing your hard hats with a company logo quickly. We will make the ordering process easy. Easy steps for ordering your logo'd hard hats;

  1. Forward a Jpeg image of the logo you'd like imprinted on your hard hats to sales@txsafetysupply.com. Texas Safety Supply will covert the logo into the correct format to the hard Hat manufacturer that you have chosen. Customers are able to select from a large selection of hard hats both Full Brim Hard Hats and Cap Style Hard hats.
  2. The Hard Hat manufacturer will imprint the logo onto the Hard Hat that you have selected. They will generate a PDF for your review. This is an opportunity to enlarge, decrease and change colors if needed. The benefit is to see what the Hard Hat with a company logo is going to look like before rolling into production.
  3. Hard hat with logo when complete is signed off on as approved and ready for production. Hard hats after approval move directly into production. The normal lead time through delivery is about ten to fifteen days.

Hard Hats with Logo Prices

msa hard hats with logoBecause of the large quantity of Hard Hats with company logo that Texas Safety Does, our pricing is pretty much standardized. This allows the process to miss a step and move quicker into production. Texas Safety Supply's quote for a Logo'd Hard Hat always includes shipping. So no surprises with additional costs and fees.

Call us today to get your professional Hard hat for your work force!