Oil Field Jobs and Oil Rig Jobs

Employment in the Oil and Gas Industries are growing at Exponential rates in many parts of the Country. In Texas alone there are continuous, and growing Oil Job openings for Oil and Gas related jobs in the Barnett Shale area located North and West of Dallas, the Fort Worth area, The Permian Basin which holds the Oil fields of Midland and Odessa Texas, and in The Houston Texas Gulf Coast Basin. Job openings start at entry level positions all the way to petroleum engineer jobs and up to top managerial and executive positions.

Texas is poised to continue to provide economic Leadership and growth in oil field jobs well into the next decade. Worldwide demand for Oil may be falling in some parts of the world but the Oil and Gas needs of China and India are outpacing reduced demand in other parts of the world. Oil Field Jobs will do nothing but grow in many parts of the country with Oil Field Jobs in West Texas and Oil Field Jobs in the Barnett Shall area leading the way.

Employment in the Oil and Gas Industries present huge job opportunities for those looking for Oil Jobs with many Oil Rig Jobs for OilField companies going unfilled for months at a time. Many of the Entry level Oil Rig jobs start with an annual salary of more than $50,000 a year. OIl Jobs with petroleum companies for petroleum engineering jobs and pipeline jobs continue to out pace jobs in other sectors. Some estimates place Oil Field Jobs openings at over 10,000 Job opportunites in Texas alone with many positions in petroleum engineering leading the way!

Some Oil Job web sites like Oil Job Finder and RigZone offer a good place to start to look for Jobs in the Oil Industry allowing Oil Job seekers to Look for Oil Job opportunities in the Field of their interest and sorted by their location preferences.

There is tremendous need to identify Oil fields across the entire United States and people to fill those job openings for those petroleum companies companies which identify and develop these resources . There's a huge demand for petroleum engineers and geoscientists worldwide as well as for 'blue collar' workers who get their hands dirty working drilling jobs and on pipelines and in refineries.

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