Portwest A120 Warehouse Work Gloves

Portwest A120 Warehouse Work Gloves

Portwest A120 Warehouse work gloves are a perfect fit for Most warehouse jobs. The A120 is a very good glove for all warehouse jobs and an absolutely great glove for warehouse picking operations.

The first criteria for a good warehouse picking glove is the warehouse work glove needs to have a nice snug fit and be comfortable to wear all day long.  Secondly, a warehouse work glove needs to be thin to allow for great fingertip dexterity and to allow for the handling of small and tiny objects being pulled from bins by warehouse "pickers". i.e nuts, washers and fasteners.

A thin lightweight warehouse work glove for warehouse bin picking requires fantastic dexterity. Excellent fingertip dexterity is exactly what the Portwest A120 Warehouse work glove provides to warehouse workers.

Here's a short video to give you a better look at the Portwest A120;

Lightweight Warehouse Gloves for Picking

Additionally, the Portwest A120 warehouse work glove is made with a lightweight nylon shell. Nylon "breaths" nice and easy and is the perfect fit for warehouse pick operations. "Easy Big fella, nice and easy." Many Warehouse jobs can get warm in the summer, actually down right hot! A breathable lightweight warehouse work glove ensures that the gloves will stay on, not off preventing small abrasion injuries to warehouse workers using them. The Portwest A120 Warehouse gloves have a light Polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is a plastic material that provides a light touch but it is not sticky. Some glove manufactures may refer to this glove as a "PU Glove". This does not mean it stinks. The Portwest A120 warehouse gloves smell just fine. In this sense PU is used as an abbreviation for a Polyurethane coated glove.

Warehouse Work Gloves Bulk Pricing

Lastly, The A120 work glove allows the warehouse workers to keep their hands clean, which is always nice. Finally! Are you looking for warehouse gloves near me in bulk or warehouse gloves at wholesale prices? Then pick up the phone and give us a call. Let's see if we can't work out some volume pricing for a Bulk purchase of Warehouse work Gloves!

You simply cannot go wrong for the price at less than $1 per gloves. Less than one single dollar a glove. What a buy. You will get miles and miles of use out of the Portwest A120 Warehouse work glove.

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