Warehouse Work Safety | Warehouse Gloves

Warehouse gloves are a key piece of work place safety for warehouse workers. Another key piece of work place safety for warehouse workers is using proper lifting techniques when handling boxes and other objects. If warehouse workers lift properly, then the risk of injury is reduced. Texas Safety Supply is a bulk supplier of warehouse gloves for industrial work places. Gloves are key piece of work place safety, and proper lifting techniques are another.

According to OSHA, 42% of injuries happen due to "improper body exertion". This means that most injuries happen in the work place due to improper technique or attempting to handle an object that weighs to much by one self.

Warehouse Work Gloves and Proper Lifting

Let's look at Proper lifting techniques for injury prevention designed by Ivy League Princeton University. The studies at Princeton were designed to outline lifting techniques that can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

  1. Warm up and get loose prior to starting your warehouse work shift. Just like athletes do before a game, "Industrial athletes" should do the same. Stretch and loosen up. Pre shift stretching should be part of every Industrial Safety Process.
  2. Wear the proper warehouse work gloves is a step inserted by Texas Safety Supply. The proper warehouse work gloves provide a better grip. A better grip means less or no slippage and less over exertion if a Box does slip.
  3. Stand Close to the load. The further away from the Load that you are, the more strain to the lower back.
Warehouse work gloves

4.  Grip The Load- Don't lift it if you don't have a good pair of warehouse work gloves. Texas Safety Supply has a Huge selection of all the best warehouse work gloves that can be purchased at wholesale, discount prices. After you have a Good pair of warehouse work gloves from Texas Safety Supply on your hands, now lift with your Legs, not your back.

5   Lower the Load in reverse. Keep your back straight and keep the object close to your body.

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