Winter Impact Gloves, Winter Oil Rig Gloves

Winter Impact Gloves

Winter Impact Gloves are a needed to keep Oil and Gas employees hands safe and warm. As a general rule; the makers of Impact Gloves will generally take their best selling standard gloves and add a cold weather protection version of that impact glove.  Impact Gloves with insulation, impact gloves that are water proof and impact gloves with a cold weather fleece lining help to keep hands of oil rig workers warm. Hands that are warm can work safely while in cold, wet winter time work conditions.  Texas Safety Supply has winter impact gloves wholesale style pricing when winter impact gloves bulk purchases are made. Please contact us for details.

Portwest A729 Winter Impact Gloves

Portwest A729 winter impact glove Portwest A729 winter impact glove

The Portwest A729 winter time impact glove is an easy choice when looking for great winter impact gloves. The Portwest A729 fleeced lined impact glove provides the needed cold weather protection for the hands. The added benefit of the Portwest A729 is that this winter impact glove is also and A4 Cut resistant glove! So cold weather protection and A4 cut protection all in one glove. Texas Safety Supply is a huge, bulk supplier of winter time impact gloves in our warehouse. Being a wholesale and Bulk supplier of winter time impact gloves allows us to be budget friendly.  Call us for a quote on the Portwest A729 impact glove large bulk purchases.

Joker MX211 Winter impact Gloves

Joker MX211 Winter Impact Glove Joker MX211 Winter Impact Glove

The MX211 winter impact glove is a fan favorite in Texas and other climates when the temperatures get cold. The Joker MX211 is the winter version of the Joker MX209 with a couple of additions. This Joker winter impact glove has a waterproof liner to keep the wet rain drizzle out. It also has a Fleece liner on the inside for added warmth. The Joker MX209 is a top selling glove when normal temperatures surround us, the Joker MX211 is the cold weather waterproof winter impact glove version of the MX209. This winter impact glove by Joker Gloves. Texas Safety Supply has plenty of stock, but these gloves typically sell out. Plan add and make a Bulk winter impact glove with wholesale impact glove prices at Texas Safety Supply.

Winter Impact Gloves Joker MX217

Joker MX217 Winter Impact Gloves Joker MX217 Winter Impact Gloves

The Joker MX217 is a cold weather waterproof winter impact glove. This glove is the winter variation of the very popular MX215 double corded palm glove impact glove. The MX217 has a thinsulate liner that is 2 mm in thickness, along with a waterproof liner. The water proof impact gloves ensure that hands will stay dry in cold working conditions. It is imperative that oil field service companies purchase winter impact gloves to ensure maximum safety. Lack of dexterity lost by the incorrect gloves for the cold conditions can lead to injuries and should be prevented.

OSHA urges all Oil and Gas Service companies to ensure that their employees have a safe winter season. Do your part; Call Texas Safety Supply today.