Portwest Cut Resistant Gloves

Texas Safety Supply is now a Certified Supplier of Portwest Safety. Portwest Safety is a leading global manufacturer of Industrial Safety Supply products, Flame Resistant Clothing and Cut Resistant Gloves. Portwest Cut Resistant Gloves are an excellent price value purchase proposition while providing some of the Best Cut Resistant Gloves available. Check them out for the quality of their product. Some of our Best sellers follow.

Portwest Cut Protection Gloves

Portwest A621 Cut Resistant Glove is somewhat unique for cut protection gloves. Most Cut Resistant Gloves offer a Kevlar, or other proprietary yarn

Portwest A621 Cut Resistant Gloves Portwest A621 Cut Resistant Gloves

liner that provides the Cut Resistance. Kevlar and other gloves are then dipped into several different chemical compounds including Latex, Nitrile and Polyurethane blends. A cut protection glove dipped in Nitrile is a favorite of many Safety Managers needing Cut protection gloves for their employees because although the user has the protection they need, very little or no finger to dexterity for handling of sharp objects that might cut the wearer. The added Bonus of the Portwest A621 Glove is that most dipped Cut resistant gloves basically just have the front of the fingers dipped in the Nitrile Compound. The Rather unique feature of the Portwest A621 is that the Nitrile Dipped product extends over the back of the hand and provides some limited coverage over the user's knuckles. This has come in very helpful for several glass plants that Texas Safety Supply works with. Previous Gloves did not offer this back of the Hand coverage, converting to the Portwest A621 Cut Protection Gloves allowed the elimination of some back of the hand injuries that the Customer was experiencing. ANSI Cut Protection Rating of 4

Cut Protection Gloves for Handling Glass

The Portwest A665 Cut Resistant Glove is another glove that offers outstanding protection. The Portwest A665 Cut Protection Glove offers ANSI Cut Level 5 Cut

Portwest A665 Cut Resistant Gloves Portwest A665 Cut Resistant Gloves

Protection. A tightly knit HDPE Yarn with a Nitrile Formula shell offers Cut Level 5 Protection on this 13 Gauge shell. The Grip is slightly different than most cut resistant gloves in that it has properties in the Nitrile Blend that give it a "sandy" feel. Almost like you had some sand in the palm of the hand embedded into the Nitrile Dip. This helps to give these Cut resistant Gloves a good grip for anything that may slip out of the users hand. Not necessarily from being wet or oily but from potentially handling a some what heavy Object. The Portwest A665 Cut Resistant Gloves provide the grip and the Best Cut Protection available. Having worn these myself, I have found them to provide great Cut protection but you can still easily move your hand and fingers within the glove giving you the dexterity and handling that you require performing Industrial job duties.

The Portwest A622 offers Cut level 4 ANSI required hand protection. Made from a grey HPPE Yarn with the liner being dipped into a specially formulated

Portwest A622 Cut Resistant Gloves Portwest A622 Cut Resistant Gloves

Polyurethane coating. The grey shell will hide the dirt a bit longer extending the life span and usage of these Cut resistant Gloves. Polyurethane is another great choice for those needing hand protection while still wanting great fingertip use for proficiency in handling delicate objects and still require the fingers to be very nimble in their handling of small sharp objects that may cut. The composition of this liner makes it very light weight and breathable. A good choice for any climate or heat condition.

The Portwest A610 is a standard Kevlar Cut Protection Glove with a Blue latex dip on top of the Dupont Kevlar Yarn shell. The latex is a Crinkle Cut which

Portwest A610 Cut Resistant Gloves Portwest A610 Cut Resistant Gloves

allows for a better grip when objects are either wet or dry. Kevlar is the go to material and one of the first products to offer cut protection gloves.

Texas Safety Supply has a tremendous supply of Cut Resistant Gloves available to ship today. As always orders of $200 or more have FREE Shipping and if you have a Volume order or need to set up weekly monthly orders are discount prices then please call our office to discuss.

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