Work Gloves with Cut Resistance

Work Gloves with cut resistance are often needed to protect  employees at their places of employment. Work Place employees are frequently exposed to hazards that can result in hand injuries from cuts and abrasions from performing job duties. Texas Safety Supply believes that all injuries can be prevented by focusing on three key steps

  1. Providing employees with the proper type of protection based upon analysis of work place hazards, for example providing work gloves with cut resistance.
  1. Providing the proper training for employees in performing job duties while wearing the appropriate protection including work gloves with cut resistance.
  1. On the job positive reinforcement for performing work duties and process correctly, as well as providing negative reinforcement up to and including discharge for failure to properly perform job duties or for failing to wear provided personal protection equipment ( PPE ).

Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Industrial Safety Supply Positive Injury Prevention Results

Let's be clear, the goal is not to have employees lose their job if they fail to perform job duties or in this case by failing to wear work gloves with cut resistance, but if they will not wear their work gloves with cut resistance then progressive discipline should be applied fairly, and consistently, to get compliance with Safe work Rules.

Safety Work Rules for Injury Prevention

As an employer, at times we are more concerned with the welfare of the employee that fails to obey posted work rules. We don't want to be the bad guy for issuing discipline to an employee failure to wear cut resistant gloves and the correct industrial safety Supplies that have been issued to them.

Safe Work Place Safe Work Place

Safety Rules are there for a reason and work rules that require work gloves with cut resistance in the Food industry, work rules that require cut resistant work gloves in a Metal fabrication shop, whatever industry that needs Cut Resistant Gloves. Safe work rules and proper work gloves are issued for a reason. To keep employees safe. Work rules requiring work gloves are there for the benefit of all. So if an employee wants to jeopardize them self and others they work with and potentially the company that they work for by putting them out of business, then leaders have a responsibility to move that employee to separation.

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